Arkle Electronic Systems provides a one-stop shop service for all of your manufacturing requirements.

AES Procurement

Here at Arkle we can identify, evaluate, coordinate and manage change in order to gain the competitive edge and advantage from our global supply chain.

We have a well-coordinated team of people that prides itself in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.  Our team of elite buyers here at Arkle are highly skilled and specialise in offering product at the best possible price to win business. 

Our close relationships with leading distributors and manufacturers allow us to optimize our purchasing power. 

Competitive Component Procurement 

We have many resources that enable us to achieve competitive component procurement with guaranteed low pricing, technical support, RoHS compliance and efficient supply chain management, aiming at minimum cost.

Of course, component procurement and stock management is crucial in any project and by providing a full kit list for approval prior to production, we can ensure that all materials are supplied correctly, both in terms of quality and specification.

Our experienced material managers can deliver Just-In-Time inventory solutions that increase production efficiency.

We also offer our customers a full KanBan system. The benefits of this system include lower prices, minimal stock holding to improve cash flow, and the confidence brought by a supply chain which continually replenishes demand with minimal intervention. 

Please contact us if you think such a system could benefit you.

We are happy to accept and manage free issue part kits and also work closely with specialist kitting companies to offer a full range of material management solutions.