Natural Gas

Natural gas is usually very safe because it is not poisonous. The main danger comes from a build up of escaping gas that can eventually reach explosive levels. These dangerous levels can build up through mistakes such as forgetting to light a gas ring or natural causes like a pilot light blowing out.

This becomes a bigger problem where there are confused, elderly or infirm people who may be less aware of what is going on around them. In the worse case, leaking gas can build up to explosive levels.

Detecting the gas is the first part of the problem. The second is to shut off the gas, making sure it is not reconnected until safe to do so, especially if there are not competent people around.

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Refrigeration and air conditioning systems contain particular gases to enable them to operate. These gases often leak. If they leak in any quantity, or in confined spaces, they can drive out the oxygen endangering human life. Leaking gases damage the ozone layer and various international protocols have been developed to try and minimise the damage.

Finally, equipment with insufficient gas can be damaged resulting in higher running and maintenance costs.

Our refrigerant detectors are designed to cover all these scenarios. We also ensure we have detectors for all the main variants of gas in use.

How to buy gas detection and protection

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