Our extensive experience in detector design and manufacture has made us the detector of choice for many councils, companies and housing associations. AMOS Detection provides high quality domestic and commercial gas detection systems.

Our products protect people and property from all types of gas escapes. They can warn of danger and, in some cases, automatically shut off the gas supply.

We make gas detectors for:

Natural Gas




LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)


 Our technical experts can provide advice and assistance on all relevant areas of gas detection and protection.

Our products cover a wide range installations:

  • Domestic gas - particularly for elderly and infirm people
  • Pubs and licensed trade
  • Fermentation process plants
  • Hotels and other spaces using air conditioning
  • Boats and vehicles

Amos gas detectors have been used for many years in a wide range of applications where gas presents a risk to life or property.