+ Can the detectors trigger remote alarms?
Yes, all detectors come with relays that can be used to trigger remote alarms or monitoring systems.
+ Why do we need different detectors for different gases?
Each type of gas has its own unique chemical composition. It is this composition that the detector focuses on to detect the presence of gas. Sensors within the detector have to be designed specifically for a particular gas. Hence a different detector is needed for each different type of gas.
+ How dangerous are the levels when a detector triggers?
Our detectors are designed so that they will trigger well before danger levels are reached. However, they are also designed not to trigger when a small amount of harmless gas is detected - for example the amount that might escape whilst waiting to light a gas ring.
+ Can I get detectors for unusual places like mobile homes and boats?
Yes, and these can be critical places due to their often limited ventilation. We can advise on the best detector for your application.
+ Can I have the gas switched off to the appliance automatically?
With our optional gas shut-off valve, the gas can be turned off automatically. This is important if there is not likely to be a competent person around - for example if there is only a confused or elderly person present.

Natural Gas

+ How dangerous is natural gas?
Natural gas is not poisonous to people, but if the levels build up they can cause major explosions
+ At what level does the natural gas detector trigger?
The level at which an explosion can occur is called 100% LEL (lower explosive limit). Our detectors are designed to trigger at around 20% LEL.
+ I can smell gas but the detector has not triggered. Why?
The human nose is very sensitive and can detect natural gas at around 1% of LEL. (see levels in question above). In order to avoid false alarms the detector does not trigger until about 20% of LEL. Thus gas could be smelt without the detector triggering, but this is still safe.
+ Do I need to use a Corgi-registered fitter to install a domestic gas valve?
The valve can be fitted or changed by a consumer to an existing cooker installation. Fitting to new appliances requires a Corgi approved installer.
+ How does the gas get re-connected?
The installer can choose between two options. The gas can be re-connected automatically or a reset switch can be pushed manually.
+ Can I ensure the gas stays turned off until a competent person arrives?
Yes, we offer the natural gas detector with an option that requires a key to be inserted to turn the gas back on


+ What is the problem with refrigerants?
If refrigerants leak into a confined space then they can displace the oxygen present. This presents a risk of serious injury or death and the risk must be addressed.